Rope access

What is Rope Access, and for what?

Rope access is a technique used to gain access to hard to reach places. Technicians use harnesses, ropes and specially designed climbing tools. Rope access can be used as an alternative for other height solutions like scaffolding, cranes and cherry pickers. It is a cost effective way of working and has minimal impact on the surroundings. As an IRATA and VCA** certified company we work according to the highest safety standards with highly trained and certified personnel.

In short: rope access is a safe, versatile method of gaining access to high or hard to reach work sites, is environmentally friendly, efficient and saves costs.


Vandesky, a Dutch Rope access company with worldwide experience. Founded in 2004. Since then Vandesky has proven itself to be a trustworthy partner, working exclusively with highly trained, certified technicians.

In 2017 Vandesky became an official member of IRATA, hereby guaranteeing the highest standard for safety, craftsmanship and quality. 

We are your partner for working in hard to reach places in on- and off-shore work.


Vandesky select their technicians based on their passion for the rope access trade, high regard for safety, quality and commitment to the team and the company. We are a small and dedicated team with a large network of partners and reliable freelancers who work according to the same high standards.

We work for large internationally operating clients as well as local companies. We strive to contribute to the community, using local resources when possible. Depending on the type of work to be done, we appoint the best project leader. We use the qualities of our personnel and promote education and training so they can become the best they can be. We complement each other with different skills, together we get it done!